Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labour Day weekend

I didn't have to work this past weekend, so the only labour that I did was a lot of hiking and climbing.

We started out at Acephale, 20 minutes east of Canmore.
This climb is challenging if you don't have opposable thumbs.
So how do you get the rope up there?
I haven't climbed much at Acephale in the past, mainly because there aren't a lot of moderate climbs there.  It's highly recommended if you climb 5.12 or harder.

On Sunday, we went to Cathedral Boulders.  Yes, you read that right.  We live in one of the best climbing areas in Canada, and we drove to the next province in order to climb on some boulders.  It's been a few years since we've been to Cathedral, and in the interim, it seems like there has not been a lot of traffic.  Many of the boulders and paths are overgrown and to be honest, the berry-picking was better than the bouldering.  Apart from the wild raspberries, the highlight of the day was seeing the train passing through the Spiral Tunnels.  These were built so that trains headed down to Field wouldn't derail (prior to the Spiral Tunnels, trains had a 1/3 chance of crashing.  I can't find anything online to back this statistic up, but I heard it at a Parks' Canada presentation so it must be true). 

Behold, the marvels of modern engineering.  Props to S.O. for the photo.
On Monday, we went back to Acephale so I could finish off one of my projects from Saturday, an awkward climb called "Neoconstructionist".  Luckily, I got it on my first try that day.
Because you can't see my face in this photo, I can pretend that I was completely in control and not terrified.


  1. Climbing looks so scary!! Beautiful, but scary...

  2. It can be scary sometimes but it's also really fun and rewarding.