Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer white

This week, my husband and I had a mid-week date at Osteria de Medici.  It's an Italian restaurant within walking distance of our house but it has a reputation for high prices and snobby service, fueled in part by a news story which broke 3 years ago when the Edmonton Oilers wined and dined there on New Year's Eve and refused to pay their $17,000 bill.

Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised by our experience.  I had a tomato bocconcini salad, angel hair pasta in cream sauce, and salmon with potatoes and vegetables.  The food was tasty and we spent a very enjoyable evening sitting on the patio and chatting.      
Last chance for summer dresses?

Oscar is all smiles.  Little did he know that he'd be spending
the evening alone in his crate.
Outfit details:
Dress: Ya Los Angeles
Belt: Banana Republic
Sandals: Nine West


  1. Lovelovelove that dress, Liana! It's gorgeous.

    Oscar looks very proud to have such a well dressed lady as his human mum.

    p.s. Thanks so much for visiting my blog (:

  2. Sounds delicious!! And you look absolutely stunning - great dress... and cute pup!

    xo Lauren

  3. Such a pretty dress o n you!! I love summer white!! And Oscar is so adorable!!