Thursday, October 3, 2013

Charlie trousers

I have this love affair with cropped pants, so I was delighted when I found these Charlie trousers on sale at Anthropologie.  (I see what you did there, Anthro.  "Trousers" sounds way cooler than "pants.") 

I think the print will be easy to wear through the winter.  Although I often like to mix prints, today I decided on the easy (lazy?) option of pairing these pants with a simple white t-shirt and a black cardigan.  

Giant tree? Yes, please.
Outfit details:
Pants (or should I say "Trousers"): Anthropologie, Brocade Charlie trousers (still on sale!)
Shirt: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Banana Republic (also on sale)
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace: possibly from Claire's, very old


  1. Printed skinny cropped trousers - I so wish the style looked good on me. But I'm too short! You look fantastic in those trousers!

    (See how I didn't write pants? ;o)