Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stop 3: Ticino, Switzerland

A few years ago, Jeff and I met a Swiss couple while climbing in Kalymnos.  They were from Ticino, and we heard so many good things from them that we had to check it out. The photos from the last post were taken in Bellinzona, the capital city of Ticino. It is famous for its three castles which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We rented an apartment in Ascona, on Lake Maggiore.  It was the perfect base for exploring.

Lovely views from our apartment
Pretty cobblestoned streets
Really, we were there for the climbing.  Unfortunately, the weather had different plans for us.
There are supposedly some boulders right behind us.  Yeah, we couldn't see them either.
Photo credit: Dave Sobocan
Hoping for sun
Eventually, our patience paid off and we did manage two days of roped climbing.      
Finally enjoying the sun at El Cat
Photo credit: Dave Sobocan  
And then we had another four days of bouldering in Chironico, Cresciano and Ascona.  Most of the boulders are tucked away in the forest, surrounded by chestnut trees.  Bouldering has never really been my favourite style of climbing, mainly because of the potential for falling and hitting the ground.  But I found that I really loved the bouldering in Ticino, particularly in Chironico.

The famous (to climbers) Dreamtime boulder in Cresciano
Photo credit: Dave Sobocan

Crazy Dave taking advantage of a calf hook in Cresciano

Another great day in Chironico
Photo credit: Dave Sobocan

When we weren't climbing, we were eating.
Pumpkin soup at Ristorante Cittadella in Locarno
Poached pear and gelato at Ristorante Cittadella
Tasty pizza at Restaurant Da Gina in Ascona


  1. Wow, major props to you and your honey for being so fearless. I start feeling vertigo on top of a 6ft ladder, so I doubt I could handle climbing the side of a mountain (not to mention the skill)!

    1. I think you'd probably surprise yourself! I'm not great with heights either, if you can believe it!

  2. Amazing photo's!! You are so brave to climb that cliff with no ropes?! Whoa! Truly athletic!! You go girl. And that pizza looks so mouth is watering!!

    1. Thanks! The pizza was as tasty as it looks! And also... I'm really not into climbing high boulders. I'll only climb things that I feel comfortable jumping off so it's not as risky as it seems...