Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Stop 4: Zurich

I visited Zurich 15 years ago.  At the time, I was working in France and one of my best friends was working in Switzerland.  We went to one of the universities, crashed a reception and made off with free food and drinks.

Years later, my friend is now doing a masters' at that same university, so I took the train from Ticino to visit him.  (Also, apparently the receptions are a weekly thing and free to all comers, so we weren't quite as dastardly as we thought we were being at the time.)

Apart from visiting the university and wandering around the Altstadt (German for "old town"), mostly we just ate.  For dinner the first evening, we went to the Zeughauskeller.  Zeughaus means "arsenal house", so the walls were decorated with crossbows, machine guns and other weapons.  
The quintessential Swiss German meal: beer, sausage, potatoes and sauerkraut
Unfortunately, the rain and gloomy weather followed me to Ticino, so the next day we took refuge in Babu's Bakery and Coffeehouse.    
Berry tart. I'm getting better at taking photos before devouring.
And we made a trip to the first Sprungli store, opened in 1859.  North Americans are probably more familiar with Lindt, which actually used to be part of Sprungli and then split off in 1892.  I bought a little box of marzipan fruits, and we also picked out some luxemburgerli to share.  They are like macarons, except smaller and cuter.  I liked the caramel fleur de sel ones.  I also just discovered that you can order them online, which might be dangerous.  
Well. I'm kind of getting better at taking photos before devouring.  There were four luxemburgerli in here.
Proof that we actually walked around a bit and didn't just eat luxemburgerli all day.


  1. Mmm, caramel fleur de sel luxemburgerli sounds good! (actually, anything salted caramel sounds good to me.)

  2. Yes. And... YOU CAN ORDER THEM ONLINE!!! (I realize that's all caps. I am that excited.)