Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stop 1: Portland

So why are you going to Portland?

To see the Pet Shop Boys!!!!

(yes, I used that many exclamation points)

What do giant bull heads have to do with this song? Nothing, but trust me, it worked.
And they did not disappoint.  They played most of their big hits, as well as some songs from their new album, Electric.  The backup dancers were awesome, the costumes were fun, the lights and smoke were fantastic, and the show finished with an explosion of confetti.  The only thing that could have been better was the venue; the rows of seats were not exactly conducive to dancing and anyone who ventured into the aisles was sent back to their seats by security.

The next day, we went to the farmers' market at Portland State University, which I would definitely recommend.  The highlight of the market for us was the Olympic Provisions stall.  The salamis are delicious, and our favourite was the Finocchiona which is flavoured with fennel.  We saw an exhibit on samurais at the Portland Art Museum and then spent the rest of the day walking around downtown and the Pearl District.

We have many photos of this sign taken from slightly different angles as we progressed through the 40-minute long queue outside the shop.

The Portland marathon was on, and we watched the athletes exerting themselves while snacking on maple bacon doughnuts from Voodoo Doughnuts.  We also made an interesting discovery about this animal:

Photo credit Wikipedia
After an informal poll of Portlanders (the ones who didn't walk briskly away from us avoiding eye contact), we concluded that they call these birds "geese".  One person admitted to having heard the moniker "Canadian goose" at some point.  Public service announcement: they're Canada geese, folks.

The next day, we went for a drive along the coast.

Not too far from Cannon Beach
And then we finished off the trip with dinner at Ava Gene's, ranked #5 on Bon Appetit's "Best new restaurants" list.  By the time our 8 PM reservation rolled around, we were pretty ravenous so unfortunately, I was too busy eating to take photos.  To start, we had bread with white beans, rosemary and garlic.  Then, I had orechiette with pork sausage and then salmon with polenta.  Delicious.

I made my husband put this back on the plate so I could take a photo. 
All in all, a perfect weekend trip.

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Photo by http://thorsonphotography.com.au/

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frock and Hound goes travelling...

...minus the hound this time, unfortunately.  Don't worry, Oscar is having fun with his friend Trevi, a long-haired Weimaraner who lives with our friends Joe and Kat.

First stop on our trip: Portland.  I have more photos to share later, but for now, just a quick one from outside the Portland Art Gallery.

He's not Oscar, but he'll have to do.
Outfit details:
Shirt: Cloth and Stone, Anthropologie
Skirt: Maeve, Anthropologie
Scarf: from Nepal
Shoes: Tom's

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Charlie trousers

I have this love affair with cropped pants, so I was delighted when I found these Charlie trousers on sale at Anthropologie.  (I see what you did there, Anthro.  "Trousers" sounds way cooler than "pants.") 

I think the print will be easy to wear through the winter.  Although I often like to mix prints, today I decided on the easy (lazy?) option of pairing these pants with a simple white t-shirt and a black cardigan.  

Giant tree? Yes, please.
Outfit details:
Pants (or should I say "Trousers"): Anthropologie, Brocade Charlie trousers (still on sale!)
Shirt: Banana Republic
Cardigan: Banana Republic (also on sale)
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace: possibly from Claire's, very old

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Embracing the blurriness

I am in awe of all the bloggers who post outfits on a daily basis.  Taking nice photos is a lot of work! If I'm working, by the time I get home, it's often too dark to take good photos.  I've yet to find a good space indoors for taking photos, although I suppose with winter coming on I'll have to figure something out.

Here's what I wore on Saturday evening to a work function.  I bought this dress in Spring 2012, and love the pattern.  I tried to make it more fall-appropriate by pairing it with opaque tights and a cardigan.

For other fall transitional looks, check out Toronto Shopaholic's #thewaywewear linkup.  I found out about it via A 5'3" Perspective, another blog that I've been really enjoying lately.

Low light plus Weimaraner = many blurry photos
Twenty minutes later... success!
Outfit details:
Dress: Jacob
Sweater: Banana Republic
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aerosoles