Friday, January 10, 2014

Shredding the gnar

While most of North America was shivering in a polar vortex, I went skiing.

I only made one New Year's Resolution this year, and that was to ski a ton.  We're going to Fairy Meadow in February, one of the best backcountry ski destinations in western Canada.  I've been there once in the summer and I'm so excited to be making a winter trip... but that also means I'm going to have to get into really good shape.

Both Jeff and I had the weekend off, so we made the 4-hour drive to Rogers' Pass.  Normally, the backcountry is peaceful and quiet so it was a surprise when we pulled into the visitor centre parking lot and discovered dozens of people, many of whom were there to partake in a splitboard festival.

We skied McGill shoulder on the first day.  There was lots of fresh snow and we were a bit worried about triggering an avalanche, but the snowpack was actually more stable than I'd expected.  We were still very conservative in terms of what we chose to ski.

Trees loaded down with snow.  Plus my stylish husband.  Neon on neon is all the rage, don't you know.
On the second day, we decided to go to Loop Brook.  I've skied here in the past and gotten stuck in the alders on the way down, but the snow cover this time was actually pretty decent.

A party ahead of us on the morraine
Beautiful views back towards the creek and the highway
Unfortunately, I have no photos of the gnar shredding.  My camera decided to die just as we got to the top of the uptrack.  But I'm happy to report that the skiing was great, and we'll be back soon.

In the meantime, I'm busy searching for a new pair of ski bibs.  I've skied with an old pair from MEC for the past 10 years, and am sick of what I perceive to be its two serious flaws.  #1: The suspenders have no quick release mechanism, so to pee you have to take off your jacket and then slip the straps down over your shoulders.  Or, you have to ski with your straps over your jacket (and then they get snagged on tree branches or slide down).  #2: There are no gaiters, and although the cuffs have a snap on them, they don't fit over my boots when they're not done up.

I made a trip to Banff today and there are way more ski bib options for guys, although overall, the trend for men and women seems to be pants.  Not sure how all the people wearing pants keep snow out of their back, or why they don't get annoyed by the waistband digging in.  So far, the front runners would be Patagonia Men's Super Alpine Bibs, or the Arcteryx Women's Theta SV, but I'm still searching for the perfect size.


  1. Beautiful. I love your resolution. It is easy to keep. Fun. And also involves your partner. In fact, it might be my favorite I have read. I hope you,find your ski bib!


    1. Thanks! It's definitely been a fun resolution.