Monday, January 20, 2014

Starters and sun crust

Back to Rogers' Pass this weekend.  This time, Jeff and I decided to drive out to Golden on Friday night so that we could hit the slopes bright and early.

Instead, we woke up on Saturday morning and Jeff's truck wouldn't start.  It turns out that water somehow got into the starter and froze.  Luckily, the issue was easy enough to fix but it meant Saturday was a write-off.

On Sunday, we decided to head out to Glacier Crest.  We found ourselves on what is quite possibly the worst uptrack on Earth at this particular moment in time.  The switchbacks were all rounded and slippery, and the track was ridiculously steep.

We got in a few good turns near the top despite some wind slab and sun crust.

A splitboarder getting some air near the top of Glacier Crest

And then, we were into the trees.  Tight, steep trees interspersed with death cookies.  

Hopefully next weekend is better.

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