Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grey ghost

I love grey, particularly soft, dove-like grey tones.  This sweater is currently on sale at Anthropologie and it is just as soft and cuddly as the colour would suggest.  The cable knit pattern on the front is pretty and I like the contrasting sleeves and hem.  It fits true to size, and is long enough that you can wear it on its own.  I layered a ruffled camisole underneath for extra warmth.

Speaking of the colour grey, as you may already know, my dog Oscar is a Weimaraner.  Apparently, there is quite the controversy over whether "blue" Weimaraners like Oscar are actually true Weimaraners, and his colouring is considered by some kennel clubs to be a fault and a reason for disqualification at showing.  Our older dog, Baron, was the more traditional liver colour.  Oscar is almost 2 years old now and getting way better and sitting and staying still for photos.  

Sweater: Anthropologie Briarwood pullover
Camisole: Anthropologie, old
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny jeans (similar)
Boots: Frye Paige Stud (similar)
Scarf: knit by my cousin


  1. I love grey too. I would also love warm and cuddly sweaters except I'm not cold all the time like most girls, I get really hot and I hate being hot so it's always thin layers for me.
    Your dog is so cute! I love the blue colour on Weimaraners and Great Danes.

    1. Have you ever seen Great Weimars? (They're Great Dane/Weimaraner crosses).

  2. Grey is one of my favorite colors. I try to pretend all of the time that I have grey eyes, even though my husband insists I don't. Also, you have the best cousin in the world. That scarf is amazing.

    I have that camisole and I have lost it!!! I am so sad looking at it on you, because it is so pretty. I love Weimaraners. When I was growing up, my best friend and I would walk to her closest neighbor. He had about five Weimaraners at a time. They were always so friendly. They had the softest ears. Seeing your beautiful baby brings back sweet memories.


    1. Ack. I'm sad for you!

      I can't imagine having 5 Weimaraners! They tend to be very high energy... having two was chaos!