Monday, February 24, 2014


I am unsure about peplums.

#1 For the longest time, I was unsure about how to pronounce the word.

#2 I'm not sure that they suit my body type.

#3 I tend to get cold easily, but I'm never sure what to wear over a peplum.  Long cardigan? Bolero? A jacket with a peplum?
Outfit details:
Dress: Banana Republic (similar in blue)
Tights: The Bay, old
Shoes: Browns', old (similar)
A note of warning about the dress: I've tried on other peplum dresses from Banana Republic, and they all seemed to fit differently, especially in the hip area.  Usually, Banana Republic dresses fit me like a glove so just be careful if you're ordering online.  This is the only peplum dress I've tried on from BR that fit my hips and I think it might be because the fabric is stretchy but supportive.  

Do you like peplums? 


  1. I never know about peplums either! I only have one shirt in the peplum style. This dress was made for you. I love the cool grey color. It is lovely. I love those shoes, too! I cannot do sleeveless or else I would scoop that dress up in a heart beat. I really like it!


    1. Thanks. I think the smaller peplums are doable... the giant ones in the new Anthro catalog make me cringe, though.

  2. I was the same about pronouncing "ponte". I pronounced it "pont", not "pont-ee". :P I also feel the same way about you about peplums, but I think it depends on the peplum. This one looks really nice on you!

    1. Thanks! Ponte is also a french word (relates to laying eggs, of all things) and it's pronounced the first way so yeah, confusing. And also, why is ponte everywhere this year?