Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jeweled collars

Statement necklaces are kind of out of my comfort zone although I've seen lots of fashion bloggers rocking them.  I'd say my style tends to be pretty simple and unadorned, although lately I've been beginning to suspect that too often, I'm confusing simple with boring.

I think Anthropologie's Jewelscape Tee is a good way to ease myself into the statement necklace trend.  It's an older top, but seems to pop back fairly frequently.    

Top: Anthropologie, Jewelscape Tee (similar)
Vest: Central Park West, old (similar)
Jeans: American Eagle, old (similar)
Belt: Banana Republic, (currently on sale!)
Shoes: Nine West (similar)
In case you're wondering, Oscar is staring ahead with laser precision focus at... the dog treat on the counter.

Are there any trends you're intrigued by but hesitant to try?


  1. Most trends I'm hesitant to try. Like leather the look of them on super skinny girls, but I'm not super skinny and I don't think they'd work on me...
    I like to keep thigns simple too, except for a statement necklace. The jewelled neckline is a great way to ease yourself into it!

    1. Yes, leather leggings. Another difficult trend. Also, crop tops. I'm drawn to crop tops but not sure if I can still rock them this time around.

  2. That top is so pretty. I love it! I am not a blingy girl, so I tend to go for simpler necklaces. I love the look on others, but feel out of my comfort zone in them. I bought one the other day and had to return it, because it didn't feel like "me."

    I want, want, want that belt! It is awesome! And the vest. And the whole outfit! I love this whole look.

    I was totally wondering what Oscar was looking at! Too funny! Gosh, he is beautiful (like his owner).


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words.

      The belt is on sale at Banana Republic right now! It's kind of an orangey red.

      There are outtake photos that I had to delete because Oscar was dissolving into a puddle of drool (the downside of using dog treats to encourage him to sit still).

  3. Those are some great jeans. I'm looking for a pair like that to go with my more frilly tops.
    That is such a nice photo with Oscar the dog.
    Have a great Friday,

    1. Thank you! I just noticed your comment now.

  4. Beautiful jeweled green top! What size is it?

  5. Beautiful jeweled green top! What size is it?