Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reviews: Lots!

I made a trip to the Anthropologie sales room to see what's on offer today.

First, I tried on this silk top by HD in Paris.  It's also available in grey and white.  The material is really staticky and clingy, so it took some fiddling in order to make sure that the shirt was sitting correctly.  The colour is beautiful and I like the sweet little ruffles, but I wasn't impressed by the top's boxy shape.

Top: Tiered Midi Top
Next, I tried on the Laced Lantern Top, also available in black.  The body of the shirt is made of a comfy, sweatshirt-type material while the sleeves are a lighter, almost lacy fabric.  There is some poofiness going on in the sleeves where the seams are, as you can see.  Again, I find this top too boxy and shapeless.  This seems to be a common complaint of mine.  
Next up: the Laced Frost Dress in navy (also available in white).  It appears to be out of stock on the website but there were several different sizes in Calgary.  It is a heavier cotton (just the tiniest bit scratchy), with lace sleeves and an exposed zipper.  The paneling and seams on the dress are very flattering.  I thought this dress had a mod feel to it and actually wish it had been a bit shorter.  It's a beautiful dress and fits true to size, but it wasn't calling my name.
The Camo Pencil Skirt is a study in contrasts.  It's made of a black stretchy material, with a panel of shiny camo in the front and the back.  The waistband is a ribbed knit, and the skirt hits just below the knees on me.  At first, I didn't even realize the pattern was camo because it's so pretty and shiny.  The skirt fits true to size, and with its higher waist, I think it would pair nicely with crop tops.  The knit waistband and darker colours make me think of winter though, and as pretty as this skirt is, I don't think I can get over my aversion to camo.  

Skirt: Camo Pencil Skirt
There is a lot of fabric in the next dress, the Terrace Sheath.  It has a lacy crocheted netting with a pretty fuschia and green lining, and feels quite heavy and thick.  I feel like the lace is a bit too long and might have looked better if it was shorter than the lining.  Also, don't let its name fool you.  It's not a sheath, as the poofiness at my waist and hips will attest.  This dress just feels very voluminous.  

Dress: Terrace Sheath
I was surprised to see the Edisto Column Dress in the sale room as I find that the different incarnations of the column dress tend to sell at full price in my local store.  The material is very stretchy and the placement of the stripes is very strategic which makes the dress comfortable and flattering.  I tried this on in an XS and found it fits TTS.  If you like column dresses, this one gets my stamp of approval.  I didn't pick it up because it's too similar to the column dress I already own.

Dress: Edisto Column Dress
The next dress is business in the front, party in the back.  Remember how Bridget Jones' mum is always going on about having your colours done? My mom actually did this and concluded that we're both Winters.  I'm not sure what colour this is, apart from it being some variant of green, but it's definitely not a Winter colour.  I was surprised that it seemed to look ok with my skin tone.  The material is thick and lined with a hint of stretch, but it's still going to show every bump and curve.  The back is pretty and worth going to the website to check out.  I tried snapping a photo over my shoulder but couldn't get a good one.      

Dress: Crystal Structure Sheath


  1. I love your reviews! That Crystal Structure Dress is stunning on you. Did you get it? I have never tried on a column dress but you make me want to! I am scared of the tight fabric. Next time one comes out with sleeves, I definitely will. And thank you for the review on the Tiered Midi Top. I had really liked it online, but I cannot do static! That was very helpful to know! The camo skirt is pretty on you. I cannot do camo either, so I do know what you mean. But if a skirt ever looked as good on me as that skirt looks on you, I might change my mind!


    1. Thanks, Jenni. I highly recommend the column dresses (the one I have has short sleeves).

  2. I really like the Crystal Sheath and the Laced Frost dress. They look perfect on you. I have had my eye on the Terrace dress too. I find it interesting and pretty at the same time.
    Seeing these pictures make me want to go to Anthropologie.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you're having a good weekend too!

  3. Ha, I thought I was the only one with an aversion to camo. I just don't think it's very...pretty. And it's not supposed to be, it's a military print!!

    The whole "getting your colours done" seems like a very dated exercise and automatically excludes you from colours that would look good on you. Just try on what you're drawn to, and if it looks good, wear it. Winter be damned. (In many many ways.)

    1. I find I wear the same colours over and over. I like your philosophy.

  4. Oh I love that navy dress on you! Could you shorten it? I have been wanting to try on the Laced Lantern top but now I don't think I will. What is up with all of the boxy fitted and billowy/maternity shirts at Anthro lately? It's so disappointing.
    Awesome and helpful review set! Thank you!

    1. Hmm... at the sale price, the navy dress would still be a bargain even with tailoring. I'll have to think about that.

      Agree about the boxy tops. Glad you enjoyed the reviews!

  5. Thanks for the review! I had my eye on the midi top, but the static would drive me nuts!