Saturday, September 27, 2014

And... still more reviews

Went back to the store this week and was happy to see that there's an additional 25% markdown on all sale items. The sales associate very kindly gave me a price adjustment on the Sweetwater Dress, which I wore last weekend with a belt (and it worked, so for $75, I am pretty pleased).

I tried on the Petaluma skirt first. This skirt came out quite a few weeks ago and there were only two left on the rack. Luckily, they had my size, although I found that this skirt fit looser around the waist than I would have liked. I was surprised by how heavy the skirt is. This is definitely a piece that would transition well into winter, maybe with tights and little booties. The edges of the rosettes are unfinished but they seem to have held up well given how many people probably tried this on the store. It's not uncomfortable to sit down in, something I wanted to trial because I've been burned buying sequined, beaded or otherwise embellished bottoms in the past and not being able to sit in them! I ended up buying this at full price.
Petaluma Skirt
I also tried the Tanith Dress. It is very stretchy, and I found I had to do some work to adjust the neckline so that it wasn't gaping and showing my bra. I also didn't like how the seams at the waist are lumpy. Pass.
Tanith Dress
I had to do some searching to find the name of this Maeve tunic. It's apparently from Spring 2014. It's made of rayon but feels nice to the touch and hangs nicely. It has a drawstring at the waist but I think it looks better loose. It fits true to size and was priced at $49.95 so with the extra 25% off, I couldn't pass it up.
Topoxte Dropwaist Tunic
This is a full price item that shows up in the most recent catalog. The white fabric is gauzy and see- through so you'd have to wear another top underneath. The embroidery is lovely. The sleeves and bodice fit true to size and the fit is very flattering. I did not like how the pleats at the waist are kind of stiff and sit away from the body. Passed on this one as well.

Ibis Peasant Blouse
This was another sale item. I couldn't find the name anywhere. The length is kind of awkward, in between a really short dress or a really long top. It's also kind of boxy, especially around the waist. Normally I'm not a fan of puffed sleeves, but these are not too extreme. I almost ended up buying this since it is quite different from anything else I own, but I couldn't figure out what I would pair it with.

And finally, I figured I would give the Libby dress a second chance and actually try it on. I think my original verdict still stands. I don't like the pattern, and the fabric is very thin. But I will say that it looked nicer on than it did on the hanger. Despite being very clingy, the busy pattern also seems to do a good job of hiding little lumps and bumps. I like the knee length too. I should also mention that there is a tight band around the bottom of each sleeve, and it was cutting into my arm just above the elbow. Apart from that, it fits true to size.

Libby Dress


  1. Yay! A price adjustment on Sweetwater! I can't wait to see how you styled it!

    I tried on the Petaluma skirt and was also surprised at how heavy it is. It's such a gorgeous skirt. Can't wait to see how you style this one too!

    I have to say I am not crazy about the prints on the other items you reviewed. But you know, I am not drawn to prints as much lately anyway. I have no idea why that is!

    Thank you so much for the reviews.


    1. I have some outfit posts coming soon... I wore the Petaluma skirt with flats and in retrospect, I think the length would have looked better with heels.

  2. That Petaluma skirt. *sigh* I lusted for it immediately after it launched. From the reviews, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit it and so tried to forget about it. And I did. Until now. It is so very lovely and such a pretty, ladylike length. I'm so excited to see how you style it, so I can wear it vicariously through you. I may have to check and see which sizes are left and, if by some magic, I can score it on sale or popback.

    My other favorite on you is the Libby Dress. It's a great silhouette on your frame, and those colors are so perfect for fall. I'm not wild about the pattern either, maybe because the mirror strip down the middle doesn't exactly run down the middle? It's the slightest bit off. How strange.

    Oh well! You scored the prettiest piece of them all! Thanks for these reviews!

    <3 Liz

    1. I think the Libby Dress not being symmetrical in the photo is probably my fault... It's pretty stretchy and I just didn't center it when I put it on. Ha. Glad you enjoyed the reviews.

  3. I love the Petaluma skirt on you! Such a pretty feminine piece. I'm always on the search for midi skirts and will definitely have to check this one out! Thanks for the review.

    xx Susannah

    1. I'll have to check your blog to review how you style your midi skirts... I've been finding the length a little bit puzzling.

  4. I have that printed tunic in my wishlist but I cannot recall its name. Thank you for reviewing it. I had no idea the embroidery was so florescent. Online it looked more muted. It is sold out online.

    I love the Petaluma Skirt on you! Love it! It will be great in so many seasons. I cannot wait to see you style it! It will be so good! The Libby Dress looks pretty on you in the picture. The Maeve tunic is so awesome. I am glad you got it. It will be great with jeans.

    Thank you for your reviews. That top you reviewed (inbetween dress and top) really helped me.


    1. I'm glad the reviews were helpful. I'd say that for once, the colours on my iphone camera were actually pretty accurate. Those stripes are really that bright in real life.

  5. The Petaluma skirt is lovely. I think a big name designer did these a few years ago, Rodarte I think? Anyway, this looks like a very special skirt and I think you made a good choice.
    The boxy, no name top was interesting because it looked so early to mid 70's to me. It's so similar to what my Barbies wore at that time. For a good price, and it would have to be really good, I would consider wearing it with AG Skinny jeans and a cardigan. Now I want to look it up!
    The gauzy top is pretty, but I hate the see through tops because one does have to consider another top to wear underneath.
    I did like the Libby dress on you but because of your description, it's good that you passed on it.
    I love dressing room reviews. Thanks for sharing,

    1. Yes! The boxy top looks very 1970s! I think you and I may have had the same Barbies!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the reviews!

  6. Hi! I'm not sure you'll see this comment as it's a fairly old post, but I'm just wondering what you didn't like about the Tanith dress?? I found it on ebay & I like the look but unfortunately I can't try it on! I stumbled across your blog randomly searching for reviews on the Tanith dress - LOL!! I'm a fellow Canadian & climber & I love your posts & the occasional climbing/mountain post thrown in there! Super jealous of your proximity to the mountains!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Canadian climbers are always welcome on this blog!

      The Tanith dress wasn't very comfortable. I found it to be so stretchy that the neckline wanted to sit very low. Also I really didn't like the seams. They were very lumpy. Hope that helps you.

    2. Yes - thanks! That helps a lot! It's always so hard to tell when you can't try on a dress! I'm looking more for a summer dress - I think the Tanith has thicker/heavier material so no go for me! Thanks again!