Sunday, September 21, 2014

Anthropologie: more reviews

Anthropologie is having a huge sale right now so I went to the Calgary location over the weekend and tried on a few things.

First up was this dress. I can't seem to find the link on the Anthropologie website, but the brand is Yoana Baraschi.  There were at least 10 of these in the sale room. The colour is very beautiful and vibrant, but I found it to be quite loose around the waist and hips and I ended up being sized out of this one. The dress is lined and seemed well-made. 

I'd never tried on anything by Yoana Baraschi before, but I also found the Sweetwater dress in the sale room. This dress was featured in the catalog over the summer, and the pattern is very pretty and unique. The neckline also has a lovely beaded detail. I found it to also run large around the waist, and I tried on a 0P as well to see if that would help. I found the 0P fit a bit better in the waist but was also quite a bit shorter. I ended up buying this dress and will wear it with a belt. Not sure though if I'll regret buying something that doesn't fit me perfectly.

Sweetwater dress
I also tried on this jumpsuit. I do not currently own any jumpsuits/rompers. This was a size S, which is a bit bigger than I would normally wear. The fabric is crinkly cotton and there is a drawstring waist as well as a button in the back at the neck. I don't know if I'm brave enough to wear a jumpsuit. I think it requires a certain panache, and this version didn't convince me to take the plunge.

Tenaya Jumpsuit
This is the one item I tried on that I actually really wanted to take home. I love the colour and have recently decided that I don't have enough pink in my wardrobe. Plus, the silhouette is a little bit different from the multitudes of fit-and-flare dresses in my closet right now. They only had a size 2 though, and for this picture I am exhaling really hard so that the dress doesn't fall off. It fits true to size, and the fabric is thick and has some weight to it; I think it would work for autumn with tights and a cardigan. I went online but apparently this item won't ship to Canada. Boo.
Fresno Ikat Dress
I also got sucked into trying a regular price item. The Lasercut Basalt Sheath is featured in the September catalog, and it looks so pretty and romantic. It's made of a stretchy, thick fabric with a nude lining underneath. There is a zipper in the back and some ruching around the hips and waist. It fit true to size, and I found it very flattering. The black waistband is a beautiful touch, and the sleeves fit well. I don't think this dress could be worn to work but it would be lovely for a night out. I think I would have paid full price for this one except that I could not move the zipper up or down even an inch without the lining getting caught. It was extremely frustrating (and even a bit alarming, as for a few seconds I thought I might be permanently stuck in the dress). I predict that there will probably be a sale rack full of these beauties, all with stuck zippers or torn linings. I might buy it on sale, but I can't justify buying a completely non-functional dress for full price.

Lasercut Basalt Sheath

I was also tempted to try on the Libby dress, but the fabric feels so thin and cheap that I didn't even bother. It reminded me of a 1970s house dress that my mom used to wear.

Did you get anything great from the sale?


  1. Great reviews, Liana! Thank you! I had the same problem with the Sweetwater dress. The waist was just too big. I thought about getting it and having it tailored but then the Lavendel dress came along and now I will get neither because I am confused and can't make a decision. A belt is also a great solution. The color on that first dress is stunning.

    1. I think the Lavendel dress looks stunning on you! I saw it on the store and thought about you!

      I wore the sweetwater dress this weekend with a belt and it worked... yay! I should have an outfit post up soon.

  2. I love your reviews. They are always so thorough and helpful. I am SO glad you purchased the Sweetwater Dress. Before I read the reviews I scanned down to look at the pictures and that was the one I had hoped you would get. It looks great and the pattern is so cool. You also look gorgeous in the Lasercut Sheath. I hope you pick it up when it hits sale because it is a great date night dress. Your husband's jaw would hit the floor!


    1. Thank you, Jenni! I wore it last weekend and am very happy with it. I do really like the pattern.

      I'm not sure about the Lasercut sheath. I think eventually I would probably have to get cut out of it.