Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wonder Peak

Jeff and I recently celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary with a trip into the backcountry. I had booked the trip weeks in advance, hoping to climb Mt Assiniboine. Unfortunately, it snowed so much the week before our trip that we were pretty sure the peak would be out of condition. We almost canceled the trip.

Luckily, we didn't. We had a beautiful weekend camping by the lake and hiking. The larches had just turned golden, and the weather was perfect. It does make me wonder sometimes... with climbing being our focus, what other treasures are we missing out on?

This year also happens to mark ten years since we first met. It will probably come as no surprise that we met at a climbing gym. I can't imagine my life over the last decade without my husband. We have had so many adventures and happy times together. And we've gotten through the tough times, knowing that we have each other.

Marvel Pass Viewpoint
Looking back toward the ridge
Pretty views on the way down from Wonder Peak
Outfit details:
Dress: Banana Republic, very old
Shoes: Nine West


  1. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! You and the view and the dress!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Stunning! You look ethereal. I love those pictures. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! I love learning a little more about you. I think it is wonderful that the two of you love climbing together. So many couples have nothing in common. i love that the two of you are blissfully happy together and with your hobby. Ours is videogames. Yours is much healthier! : )


    1. Thank you! I'm very lucky to be able to climb with my husband. I've seen lots of couples who can't climb together for various reasons... the dynamic can be tricky.

  3. Happy sixth wedding anniversary! Great that you and your husband have climbing to share as a hobby. Like Jenni, my hobby with Will is something much less healthy, mostly lying on the couch watching TV.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! We like vegging on the couch too... usually watching hockey or movies. And eating ice cream, of course.