Monday, December 22, 2014

Outfit: Vancouver

As I mentioned in the last post, we spent the last weekend of November in Vancouver. 

It happened to be Grey Cup weekend, and the Calgary Stampeders were playing the Hamilton Tiger Cats. And, they actually won! Maybe in tribute to my hometown, the weather in Vancouver that weekend was actually very Calgary-ish. Sunny and cold, and there was even a dusting of snow on the ground.

One of my favourite places in Vancouver is Stanley Park. I never spent much time here when I actually lived in Vancouver, but as a tourist, I've loved exploring the park and discovering its treasures. 

The totem poles in the photos below are one of BC's most visited tourist attractions. They have been there since the 1960s. Most of them are replicas now.

I just realized while creating the links for this outfit that everything is Banana Republic (except for the accessories and boots). What can I say. I love the charcoal trench. It fits snugly, and looks equally good belted or worn open. It's not particularly warm though, and I don't see myself wearing it when it gets really cold. Also, the belt is really, really long. The sweater is cozy, and I love the longer length paired with a mini skirt.

Outfit details:
Coat: Banana Republic, Charcoal Wool Trench (on sale!)
Sweater: Banana Republic, (similar)
Skirt: Banana Republic, last season
Tights: Target
Boots: Frye, Paige stud (similar without the studs)
Scarf: Hudson's Bay Company, very old

Do you ever wear a single brand head to toe?


  1. Inadvertently, I'll end up wearing Anthropologie or J.Crew head to toe. Never planned, just happens. That's a great BR coat. I'm a Soia & Kyo devotee when it comes to coats, but I don't recall them ever having a very good charcoal grey. The grey coat I have of theirs has this greenish tinge to it (love it, but it's not a charcoal grey). I love Stanley Park too. The last time I had the chance to explore it, I tried to bike the seawall, but the lululemon seawheeze marathon kicked me off.

    1. I'll have to look up Soia &Kyo. Are their coats warm?

      I really like the sales at BR. I got this coat on a 40% off promotion.

  2. There is just something so pulled together about a trench coat! My black one - also from BR - has a very long belt so I just tie in the back. That grey is perfect!

    1. I am going to have to do something about the belt... maybe chop the end off! Although tying it in the back is a good idea too.

  3. I love how you paired the green skirt with the plaid. It is unexpected and super fun. And that coat is so flattering and pretty. I often will look down and realize that I am wearing head to toe Anthropologie. I hope you had a great holiday! Did you end up eating at that restaurant? Was your husband traveling? I need to catch up!


    1. Pattern mixing is fun! I did have a wonderful holiday. My husband came with me and we had a nice dinner at Hawkswood.

  4. Short skirt and a loooooong jacket! I love that type of look, too. I love the mix of prints between your scarf and skirt, and together the red and green look quiet festive without looking intentionally Christmas-y. I've never actually shopped at Banana Republic. I worked at GAP in college and shopped there and Old Navy frequently. It's funny because I think Banana is more my style than the other two. I love their tailored skirts and cardis.

    The only brand I've really worn head to toe is Lane Bryant. I shopped there almost exclusively when I was teaching. But then I started to look like one of their models instead of like me, so I started mixing things up a bit by wearing pieces from different retailers. I would love to wear Anthro head to toe - shoes included! I just can't afford it!

    <3 Liz

    1. Ha ha, I love Cake.

      I have not shopped at Gap or Old Navy very much. Back in the day, I did have an obsession with their Dream perfume though...

      I think sometimes it's just easy to wear one brand head to toe. Because someone has designed those items as a collection to go together, right?