Monday, February 24, 2014


I am unsure about peplums.

#1 For the longest time, I was unsure about how to pronounce the word.

#2 I'm not sure that they suit my body type.

#3 I tend to get cold easily, but I'm never sure what to wear over a peplum.  Long cardigan? Bolero? A jacket with a peplum?
Outfit details:
Dress: Banana Republic (similar in blue)
Tights: The Bay, old
Shoes: Browns', old (similar)
A note of warning about the dress: I've tried on other peplum dresses from Banana Republic, and they all seemed to fit differently, especially in the hip area.  Usually, Banana Republic dresses fit me like a glove so just be careful if you're ordering online.  This is the only peplum dress I've tried on from BR that fit my hips and I think it might be because the fabric is stretchy but supportive.  

Do you like peplums? 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Icy blue

This dress has become one of my favourite dresses to wear.  I think the pretty pattern works year round; in winter, the pale blue and grey reminds me of ice and snow.  The light fabric and pastel colours also make it appropriate for warmer weather.

The Cropped Luella Bolero is super soft and cozy.  It comes with a little brooch that you can use to pin it closed but I prefer to wear it without.

Outfit details:
Dress: Montserrat dress, Anthropologie
Cardigan: Cropped Luella Bolero, Anthropologie (on sale right now for $19.95!)
Tights: Target
Boots: Frye Paige Stud (similar

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cobalt blue

Blue is one of my favourite colours.  It makes me think of summer skies and crystal clear oceans. 

It's been years since I bought anything at Club Monaco, but a quick visit in January paid off when I found this dress on sale.  I really love how cobalt blue pops with black accessories.

Outfit details:
Dress: Club Monaco (similar)
Belt: Banana Republic, old (similar)
Tights: Target
Boots: Frye Paige Stud (similar)

Are there any colour combinations that you really like?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Plaid and lace

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day.  I've been with my husband for 10 years now, and there are other days that are more important to us and less commercialized.  We don't usually buy each other gifts, but we'll often go out for dinner.  

And, as Toronto Shopoholic has pointed out, Valentine's Day is a fun reason to dress up.  

Here's my take on Valentine's Day dressing, which I associate with romantic, feminine looks.  I didn't want to look like too much of a cliche though, so I contrasted my lace skirt with a plaid shirt and studded leather boots.

Outfit details:
Shirt: Jacob (similar)
Skirt: Smart Set, very old (similar)
Tights: The Bay, old
Boots: Frye Paige stud boots (similar)
Check out Toronto Shopoholic's #thewaywewear post for other Valentine's Day looks.

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you have an outfit in mind?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Grey ghost

I love grey, particularly soft, dove-like grey tones.  This sweater is currently on sale at Anthropologie and it is just as soft and cuddly as the colour would suggest.  The cable knit pattern on the front is pretty and I like the contrasting sleeves and hem.  It fits true to size, and is long enough that you can wear it on its own.  I layered a ruffled camisole underneath for extra warmth.

Speaking of the colour grey, as you may already know, my dog Oscar is a Weimaraner.  Apparently, there is quite the controversy over whether "blue" Weimaraners like Oscar are actually true Weimaraners, and his colouring is considered by some kennel clubs to be a fault and a reason for disqualification at showing.  Our older dog, Baron, was the more traditional liver colour.  Oscar is almost 2 years old now and getting way better and sitting and staying still for photos.  

Sweater: Anthropologie Briarwood pullover
Camisole: Anthropologie, old
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny jeans (similar)
Boots: Frye Paige Stud (similar)
Scarf: knit by my cousin

Sunday, February 2, 2014

One sweater, three ways

I picked up this sweater (similar here) at Anthropologie on sale a few months ago.  I like how it is soft and cozy, a little bit loose and drapey, and of course, white goes with everything.

Option #1:
White plus a sparkly skirt

Sweater: Anthropologie
Skirt:Smart Set, very old
Tights: H&M
Boots: Steve Madden, old
Option #2:
White plus a white skirt.

Sweater: Anthropologie
Skirt: Anthropologie (similar)
Boots: Steve Madden, old
Belt: Smart Set, very old

Option #3:
White plus jeans and a scarf.  Simple, basic, can't go wrong.

Sweater: Anthropologie
Jeans: American Eagle skinny jean (similar)
Boots: Frye Paige stud (similar
Scarf: handmade, bought in Timor Leste