Monday, March 23, 2015

Anthro: Reviews, mostly dresses

I have to apologize for the lack of posts recently. March has been an unexpectedly tough month.

I did visit the Anthro store in Calgary today. I tried on a few sale items and a few full-price items too. I have to say, it really annoys me that Calgary never seems to get the pieces that catch my eye on the website, and after being burned on the exchange rate and duties in the past, I refuse to order online.

This dress was hanging in the sale room. There are quite a few sizes. It has a 70s vibe, and I can picture a woman with straight, centre-parted hair at a glamorous party wearing this. The dress is quite sheer with a slip underneath. There is a zipper along the side under the arm. The dress runs a bit small to size and I found it hard to zip up the zipper without catching the slip. It's cute and unique but poorly constructed, so this was a pass.

Equinox Pleated Maxi Dress
This is one of the dresses that I featured in my last post as being somewhat Oscar de la Renta inspired. It's made by HD in Paris, and I have a blue skirt with a similar flounce along the hem. It fits true to size.  The eyelet is lined with a nude material. It's still kind of sheer though, and I could very easily see my tights through the two layers of fabric although this doesn't show up great in this photo (fortunately!) It's very pretty but I wasn't completely smitten.

Georgia Eyelet Dress
This is another dress that seems Oscar de la Renta inspired. I noticed in the catalog that it didn't seem to fit the model well around the waist. This wasn't an issue for me, but the bust was quite large. I guess I don't have quite enough to fill this one out! It's made of a shiny material, which is hard to notice from the website or the catalog. I like the knee length. It's very ladylike and I think you could dress this one up or wear it to work. I passed on this one because of fit issues.

Tea Garden Sheath
Lastly, I tried on this blouse. For the sake of these photos, I grabbed a pair of flared jeans. Pilcro jeans don't usually fit me in the calves, but these ones are very stretchy. And high-waisted. They made me think of mom jeans.

The blouse is pretty and fluttery but kind of shapeless. Even the belt at the waist doesn't do much to define it, and I find if you tie it too tightly, it interferes with the ruffles on the sides. It's also very sheer, with a separate camisole inside. Because it has the two layers and the textures are so slippery, I found that I had to think really hard about how to put this one on and not end up with an arm through only one armhole. Or something. Pass.

Rose Garden Kimono Blouse
Pilcro Stet Flare Jeans
Have you been to Anthropologie lately? Anything that you're coveting for spring?


  1. Thank you for the reviews!
    I have found that even here in Los Angeles, the stores carry fewer items than online. And, at all of the stores - Nordstrom, Madewell, Anthro. It really bugs me and I don't even have to worry about all of the taxes and duties you have to worry about if I order online.
    I hope that April is a much easier month for you! Hang in there!

  2. The Equinox maxi looks better in you than the Anthro model!

  3. I just covet. I did manage to score the striped Tecoma blouse in a popback but I haven't received it yet. I hope the fabric isn't too horrible! I remember seeing one of these equinox maxis in the sale room but I didn't like the fabric much. It does look cute on you though!
    I'm finding there aren't that many dresses I feel I need to have at Anthro this season- turning back to vintage these days I guess!

  4. The maxi dress looks great on you! The Tea Garden Sheath also looks great, maybe a little tailoring would help? But then again, is it worth it?

  5. All of these clothes look perfect on you! My favorites are the tea floral one and the long Disco inspired dress.
    It looks like you had some fun!

  6. I stopped into Anthropologie a few weeks ago and tried on a few dresses. I was supposed to be shopping for baby shower gifts at other stores in the mall, but Anthro was calling my name. I was able to resist temptation and leave empty-handed, which I suppose is good, since those dresses are no longer calling to me. My favorite is the Tea Garden Sheath on you. I remember it from the Oscar de la Renta-inspired post, and it's so romantic. I love the sheen to the fabric. It looks very luxe and fits you beautifully! I also really love that Eyelet Dress! Perforations and eyelet and crochet are some of my favorite trends for spring!

    <3 Liz