Friday, May 29, 2015

Reviews: May at Anthro

It's sale season! Lots of retailers are having big sales right now and there are some good deals out there. Sales at Anthropologie seem to have become more common, but you know what? It has been a really, really long time since I've bought anything at Anthro. I can't quite put my finger on the reason why. It might just be that my store doesn't get as much selection as bigger stores in the U.S., or it might be because I'm put off by fit and quality issues.

For example, I saw the Sonora Dress online and was instantly drawn to the pretty colours and loose breezy shape. When I saw it in the sale room last week though, the polyester material felt so cheap and uncomfortable that I didn't even try it on. 

Moonsong Dress
I usually really like Maeve dresses. This one has a pretty, unique pattern and the colours are different from what I tend to gravitate towards. It's made of cotton, fits true to size and has an exposed, contrasting zipper in the back. I like the knee length skirt as well. I wanted to like this dress but it didn't seem to fit quite right. I found the waist of the dress was placed higher than my natural waist, and this made the dress feel really boxy. I think Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie has commented that this seems to be a common Anthro failing lately. Back to the rack for this one.

Pippa Romper
I don't own any jumpsuits. (Sorry, I just can't call them playsuits or rompers... both sound ridiculous to me.) But, I'm trying to be openminded and push my boundaries so I decided to try on this one. Most of the jumpsuits I've tried on thus far have been drapey and have not won me over. This is completely opposite, with thick and substantial fabric and a structured feel. It has pockets and like the dress above, also has a contrasting back zipper. It also felt a touch short waisted. I think it might look better with a belt? I'm not sure about this one. It just reminded me of a post-apocalpytic dystopian uniform.  

I could not find the name of this dress anywhere, but I did actually consider getting this one. I love the neckline and how it draws attention to the shoulders. The colours are pretty, and the length was pretty much perfect... no hemming required. I found it fit true to size. I gave it a pass though because the synthetic fabric felt like it'd be really uncomfortable on a hot summer day.

Fleur Blanche Embroidered Top
This top is so pretty. The details are hard to make out in this photo, and I'm not sure the Anthro website photos are much better. It is covered with embroidered white flowers and lacy details. I found it billowy but not boxy. I didn't get it because I wasn't sure what I would wear it with. 

Pieced Brocade Dress
This dress is basically a variation of the popular Carissima Sheath. It's made by the same designer, Byron Lars. It's definitely a dress that will get attention because of the striking colours and design. It comes with a knotted belt which the model is not wearing on the Anthro website. I found this dress to run a bit smaller than the Carissima Sheath and would probably size up although like the Carissima Sheath, I found that the bum area was a bit loose. It has a nude liner so no need to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. I'm not sure I like the contrasting front zipper, but it's definitely more functional than all of the little hooks on the Carissima Sheath which tend to unhook themselves. I didn't buy this because I already own the Carissima Sheath and can't really justify buying two similar dresses, but this is very pretty and definitely worth a look.

Have you bought anything from Anthropologie lately? Any other sale purchases?


  1. Me too! I also have not been buying stuff from Anthro lately.
    I try stuff on from my wishlist and then when I get back home I delete everything. It used to be I would try stuff on at Anthro and get so excited and think how could I NOT buy this. Now I never get that feeling so I leave empty handed. The fit and styles and materials are just so ... off!

    1. Yes. I guess on the plus side, my wallet is happy. July is my birthday month though, and I'm really hoping for something that will wow me.

  2. I haven't bought clothing from Anthro since before Christmas. I've stopped in, but I haven't been impressed. I've seen some items I like online, but my store doesn't carry them, or they're old of my size when I do stop in. They do have a new pink pleated skirt that I like, though.

    The Pieced Brocade Dress is lovely on you, but I understand your reasons for not picking it up. Similar items are fine when they're basics or super versatile. More unique statement pieces like this really should be the only item like that in your closet. At least that's what I'd tell myself to talk myself out of purchasing it. lol

    And your description of the romper cracked me up. It does look like something from a dystopian novel. Maybe throw a black blazer over the top and pair it with a chunky platform sandal? At least this one is structured and more closely resembles work-wear. I've seen some recent styles in pastel knit fabric with saggy crotches. They really do look like pajamas or baby rompers. Kind of scary.

    <3 Liz

    1. I'm frustrated by how limited the selection is in my store. At least now Anthro tends to run free shipping promos more often, but it still doesn't make sense for me to order online. I really like it when websites provide clothing measurements... less of a gamble when trying to choose a size.

      Those pastel, saggy crotched rompers sound terrible! Not to mention the hassles when going to the bathroom...