Friday, July 10, 2015

Anthro: Tag Sale Reviews

I've been pretty busy lately so today was the first opportunity I had to check out Anthro's tag sale. They are running an additional 20% off sale items so I'm glad I waited!

I tried on this shirt dress first. It has lots of pretty details, including the lovely light blue pattern and the eyelet along the sides and back. I also love the collar. I found this dress fit true to size, and the slip inside is integrated into the dress rather than being a separate piece so it's really easy to put on. I seriously considered getting this dress but the volume of the skirt is just a bit too overwhelming for me.

Seapane Dress
Next up was this pretty dress with ties on the straps. The pattern is pretty and for some reason makes me think of summer trips to Europe. Unfortunately, although the dress is silk twill, the lining is made of polyester. Hot, heavy, scratchy, cheap-feeling polyester. Boo.

Tied Acionna Silk Dress

I also tried this lovely dress on in a size small. It was too big, unfortunately, and the neckline was pretty low on me. I did like the draping around the hips as it gives the dress a unique silhouette. I think I would have taken this home if my size had been available. I could not find this one on the website which may mean it's already sold out. Not surprising, since it is very pretty and feminine.

I tried on this dress by HD in Paris. It's made of a stretchy knit material, but fortunately the seams are not as lumpy as other stretchy dresses I've tried on in the past (Tanith dress, I'm looking at you). This is a nice, versatile basic that I can wear to work now and in the winter. For $49.95 minus 20% off, it was an easy decision to bring this home.

Marceline Flounced Sheath

I've seen this dress all over the blogosphere and Instagram. The halter neck has buttons on it rather than a tie which keeps the look very clean and graphic. The horizontal stripes might be intimidating but they're actually very flattering. I love how the black stripe in the middle defines the waist. Unfortunately, the dreaded polyester curse stirkes again. If I can be very whiny for a moment, "Whyyyy, Anthro??? Why? Why make such a beautiful, unique dress in such a cheap material?" Sigh.

Candymint Halter Dress
Have you found any good deals at the tag sale? How do you feel about polyester?


  1. Isn't it just crazy how dresses that you should be excited over are annoyingly wrong at Anthro? Grrrr.... I too am finding myself buying basics there and the fun stuff is not working at all - wonky fit - bad materials - just off! I used to try stuff on and wonder how in the world I wasn't going to buy it. Now I always have a reason not to be in love with it. Wah! I am falling out of love with Anthro!
    Thank you so much for the reviews!!!

  2. Pretty dresses! Thanks for your reviews, Liana :)
    I ordered the silk tie dress during the sale (still waiting for postage!). It reminds me of a Hermes scarf.

  3. I tried on that silk dress and thought the same thing.

    That last green one sure is lovely. Shame about the fabric.


  4. I was tempted by the tag sale but never made it in. It's been months! They're hosting a birthday event for July and August birthdays in a few weeks, so maybe that'll finally get me in-store. I immediately loved the silk tie dress on you. How disappointing about the hot poly lining. The print is so gorgeous. I agree with Suzanne that the striped green one is lovely on you as well.

    I've noticed that my older Anthro items are actually silk, and newer "silk" items are all polyester. And the prices are equivalent or higher! I don't get it. I'm willing to pay more for Anthro when I feel like I'm getting more. But when it feels cheapo anyways, I might as well go to fast fashion stores.

    <3 Liz

  5. the HD in paris dress is so pretty. I was in anthro this past weekend and didn't see it there. I did however, get some nice summer tops and a really pretty sweater thing so i can't really complain! it was a pretty good tag sale.

    i agree with the comment above from liz, I've noticed the quality and fabrics on some of the newer lines is cheap but the prices don't reflect that. a bit disappointing.