Saturday, August 29, 2015

An Oldie, but a Goodie

As I've mentioned several times on this blog, it's been a long time since I bought anything at Anthropologie. Rising prices, declining quality and uninspiring designs are the main reasons why my Anthro obsession has faded.

I bought this dress in 2012. I fell in love with the pretty, romantic red colour, the feminine details like the ruffles and the tie-neck. Plus it's silk! On sale, I'm pretty sure it was $119 or something similar. If it pops back, the price listed is $9.99 which would be amazing. This is the type of dress that I would love to see Anthropologie offer again...

Yesterday, I pulled it out of the closet for a date with my husband at the Trough. With the ruffles and the tie-neck, I felt like it didn't need any accessorizing. I paired it with simple grey suede pumps.

The Trough is our favourite restaurant in Canmore. The food is amazing and the service is always without fault. There are other restaurants in Canmore which also have good food but the service is often slow and lackluster.

The best part of the meal: dessert. I love sticky toffee pudding!
Outfit details: Anthropologie, Ruffled Oska Dress
Shoes: Nine West, old (similar)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Frock and Bike

After 25 years of riding a heavy bike I got from Canadian Tire for $65, my husband bought me a new bike for my birthday. It's from Mountain Equipment Co-op, and has all kinds of fancy features like an integrated hub. Thank you, Jeff!

Despite living in a city that is pretty anti-bike, I cycle almost everywhere in the summer: to work, to get groceries, to visit friends, to go out for dinner or to go to the theatre. I've learned over the years that wearing a skirt or a dress should not be an impediment to bike commuting. 

Here are my tips for riding a bike in a dress:

If you have a longer skirt (ie below knee length), it helps to gather up some of the fabric and tuck it under your bum on the seat. This prevents your skirt from getting caught in the spokes or the chain. It also makes it less likely that your skirt will fly up.

If I'm going a short distance, sometimes I'll cycle with one hand holding the front of my skirt down against the seat.

Another good option is to hold a coin or button behind you, in about the middle of the skirt. Then, take a rubber band or hair elastic and wrap it around the coin from the front of the dress. If this is clear as mud, you can check out this article on Slate for a better explanation.

Finally, you can wear shorts under your skirt or dress for better coverage. This is a good option if you're wearing a tight, short skirt as I've found they tend to ride up as you're pedaling. 

I wore this Club Monaco dress to dinner with my husband a few weeks ago. It's made of silk and cut on the bias, which it makes it really lovely and drapey and flowy. The cutouts are perfect for summer. This dress also comes in pink and a very pretty white and pink floral pattern. I highly recommend it.

A girl and her bike
I love the pretty straps at the back on this dress.
(Husband's fixed gear bike is in the right side of this frame... we're not hipsters, honestly!)
Cycling with my skirt tucked up
New bike even comes with a convenient water bottle/clutch holder!
Exploring new options for clipless pedals
(A word of caution when wearing Charlotte Olympia shoes and cycling: the raised spiderweb on the bottom of the sole actually got stuck on the pedal! It took some very careful wiggling to get it free!)
(Also, if you're curious, the bruising on my back is from cupping.) 
Outfit details:
Dress: Trina Silk Dress, Club Monaco (floral pattern is on sale now!)
Clutch: Arc clutch, Nina Ricci (similar in brown, mine was heavily marked down during Black Friday last year)
Shoes: Day of the Dead shoes, Charlotte Olympia (sold out)
Do you bike commute? Do you live in a bike-friendly city? Have you tried riding a bike wearing a dress?

(PS: I always wear a helmet... just took it off for the photos!)